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10 Things I Do When I Want To Reset

My list might not be what you are expecting! These are not quick fixes to lose weight, they are my own personal tricks to feel GREAT whenever I am not feeling my best. There are a bunch of links in here to my favourite products that I have found work wonders for me. These are in no way endorsed! Just a lot of years of trial and error and me finding what works best for ME! That could be very different than what works best for you. Here we go...

10 Things I Do When I Want to Reset

1.  Exfoliate + Moisturize. when I feel like my skin is looking a little dull and I am not feeling great, I up my skin care routine (especially in the winter). I usually wash my face every day and night with Consonant Foam Washer (I have been using this for years, it is the BEST and made in Toronto- natural, effective and supporting local business!). In the winter time, my skin gets SO dry and I feel like a lizard if I do not stay on top of my routine, so every morning + night along with cleansing I use a drop of serum mixed with moisturizer. I will exfoliate 3 times a week as well with Odacite Matcha CleanserI have sensitive skin and this makes it GLOW! Feel free to try your own products out or even these ones. Everyone reacts differently with different products so find yours!

2.  B Vitamins! My supplement routine varies, but I am always consistent with my B vitamins. They help me feel energized and sharp. I take a B12 and a B Complex. I found these especially helpful when I was a vegetarian and not getting much B12 from my diet + when I was pregnant/nursing as both use a lot of your nutrients!

3.  Probiotics. This is another supplement I am pretty darn diligent about and I will take HMF probiotics daily, but when I feel like my stomach is off, I up the strength. For example, after Christmas (when my diet and routine was off), I started taking HMF Intensive for a month. Probiotics help replace the bad bacteria in your digestive system with the good and help make your whole body run more efficiently  (such as fighting off infections, absorbing nutrients better + overall feeling more energized)

4.  Water, lots of water! There are days when I am bad with this and days where I am great with this, but one of the most important things you can do, is make sure you are drinking good quality water! Tap water is filled with lots of metals + gunk so trying your best to remove those from your water source is so important. I use a Santevia filter (it looks like a Brita jug but you can also get the larger filter as well). I keep mine on the counter at all times, so its accessible and at room temperature (I do not like cold water and room temperature is better for your system as well). Side note: we also have their shower filter and bath filter for Jacky boy! I also keep one of these in my Swell bottle to have on the go. I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!

5.  Sweat.  I cannot emphasize this enough, but everyone is different! We like different things, our bodies react very differently to foods, exercises and supplements. For me, I LOVE CARDIO! For the majority of my youth, I was a competitive swimmer, so cardio makes me feel so good! I also go through phases of being obsessed with yoga too but cardio is my go to. Right now that means using my Peloton 3-5 days a week. I give my legs a break almost every other day because I find it makes me feel better. You do not have to own a Peloton to do this, you can go to group classes, your own gym, even walk around the block a few times, just get that heart rate up!

6.  Get up to date with my health. For me, that means booking appointments with my roster of health care professionals. Dentist, acupuncture, homeopath, naturopath, chiropractor, massage therapist, doctor. This year it happened to coincide with the new year when benefits renew which is even more of an incentive!

7.  Stock my fridge + cabinets. I invest in myself. Instead of buying one more outfit or eating out a few times, I stock my fridge and cabinets with healthy selections and staples. For example, coconut oil, healthy teas + coffees, lots of frozen organic vegetables and fruit, healthy snacks, super seeds, etc. I am more likely to opt for healthy choices if I have the options at home

8.  Get more sleep! The past week (after we finished season 2 of YOU- that was counterproductive), we have been going to sleep at 830pm. Normally we go to sleep around 9-10pm which is still pretty early but sometimes I need a few nights of even longer sleeps to help me reset. It makes me feel SO much better, mentally and physically!

9.  Get quiet.  This seems to be one of the hardest for me. Even when I go to my acupuncture appointments which are in the dark, quiet + in a zen environment, I am on my phone, catching up on work, writing, etc. So when I want to get quiet, I have to be very intentional and put extra effort into it. The last few nights, I have tried even harder to unwind before bed. Candle lit room, minimal technology (or none is even better), my Saje diffuser running, a hot epsom salt bath, a calming tea. This is so simple, but not easy! We live in a fast paced world and getting quiet is often very difficult for most people to do. So carve out some time to do nothing! You will thank yourself later

10.  Do my 5 Day Refresh! My 5 Day Refresh is a gluten free meal plan (with minimal dairy). It includes 3 meals + 1 snack per day and is delivered to your door. The food is clean, diverse, wholesome + nutrient rich!

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