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211: my spiritual side

This post is a little bit different than my regular ones. For those of you who don’t know, I consider myself a very spiritual person. This spirituality began at an early age with my fascination of the unknown and the afterlife.  I see a spiritual medium on a regular basis, do reiki, acupuncture, spiritual meditations and workshops, which all have one thing in common: they are energy workers. To be completely honest, I went to Catholic school for grade/high school but never felt very connected to some of the teachings just the idea of “something bigger” and universal love. My favourite lesson in religion class was when we learned about world religions and I made the connection that all religions had one thing in common: faith in a higher power. 

When my mom passed away 3 years ago I can honestly say that it brought a deeper and more beautiful meaning to my spirituality. It is what got me through the past three years and made the grieving process that much easier. In my eyes my relationship with my mom isn’t over it is just different. As cliché as it sounds, I feel her every single day (and I don’t mean just think of her) I mean I hear her voice in my head, I hear her witty remarks to things going on in my life, I get signs from her every single day, she is with me always. I truly believe that everything positive that has happened for me over the past three years was guided and orchestrated by her. I have angels in my court, we all do. So that leads me to “211”. My birthday is February 11th, i.e 2/11, a date that forever connected and bonded me to my mom. There are some days of the year that are harder than others without my mom, but my birthday is the one I find the hardest. I didn’t fully appreciate how big of a bonding my birthday was with her until she passed. I never thought much about what she had to go through to get me here or what a SPECIAL connection that was. The closer I get to motherhood (I am not pregnant, I just mean to the idea of becoming a mother myself), the more I realize these points too and am blown away it took me this long to realize it. Anyways, back to 211. I started to see this number about six months ago everywhere and I mean everywhere and at the times I needed it the most. My spiritual medium I go to confirmed that she is sending me numerical signs to show how much she is around. On my mom’s birthday this past week, I saw “211” at least 10 times! Whether that means on a license plate, billboard, the gas in my tank, the price of something. I truly believe it is no coincidence and they are signs from my mom that she is with me at that moment I see it but quite frankly she is always there and that is so comforting. People often asked how I got through her death and how I was able to maintain positivity (for the most part) and it is simple: my spirituality and the idea our relationship is still carrying on.

Today is my third half marathon. My first I did one while my mom was alive, the other was right after her death and it was emotionally and physically crippling. For anyone who has trained for anything physical or endurance based, you know how mental and emotional it is. When you are in a darker place it is even more of an obstacle. Needless to say, my last half marathon did not go well. This time I feel very emotionally/psychically/mentally strong. Throughout my training I have felt my mom with me, especially on the longer runs and I can hear her encouraging voice in my head and it pushes me. Then one day it hit me (and this wasn’t new information to me), a half marathon is 21.1k, 211. I had never made the connection and I knew that was confirmation she would be with me throughout it all. Now I know there are some people that might think that all of these are coincidences or not a big deal. To those people I say, I hope one day you experience life’s little magic and open your heart and eyes to these little reminders and signs from the universe. Every day to me is full of magical moments like this and I truly believe this is what keeps my spirits high. So if I end up running this race in 2 hours and 11 minutes, I hope I open up at least one person’s eyes to the magic that this universe has to offer. 

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