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This 10 day guide is designed to cleanse your life on an energetic level. It is so much more than the food we are putting into our bodies. It is our environment, what we surround ourselves with, our mindset, lifestyle & much more!


What this includes:

- 20+ recipes (anti-inflammatory: gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free)

- Self care, lifestyle & mindset suggestions

- Flexible meal plan. It is NOT a 10 day structured plan, the goal is to live intuitively and eat foods that you are drawn towards (rather than “should” eat). The plan will give multiple options and you choose what resonates the most with you! It is a very individualized approached to cleansing

- Daily journal prompts to gain clairty & work through energetic blockages in your life

- Daily tasks to give you inspiration & momentum


This is for you if:

- You are feeling like you want a fresh start

- Feeling stuck or confused where to begin on your healthy journey

- Need some momentum and inspiration with your eating

- Looking to commit more time and attention to yourself

- Interested in the mind, body, soul connection and learning how your energy and emotions impact your health

- Interested in learning about chakras (energy centres) and how they relate to the body



This is NOT for you if you are:

- Looking for a quick fix for weight loss

- Not interested in the energetic & emotional connection to what we are eating and how we are feeling


Please note, this guide is non-refundable 

10 Day Energetic Cleanse Guide

C$99.00 Regular Price
C$25.00Sale Price
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