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For many years, I tried to be what I thought people wanted me to be and tried to fit the mould. I strived for a body type that was not my own, I entered a profession that “made sense”, I did things that did not make me feel my best, I had a love/hate relationship with food. None of these things were serving me.


In 2015, I lost my mom to cancer and 3 months later was laid off from a job in finance that was sucking the soul out of me. Life often gives little nudges but, in my case, it was a big old shove in the right direction. 2 weeks after I got laid off, I started this business in wellness, something I had thinking of been doing for years. It took being let go and my mom passing away for me to truly see clearly. Life is too short to not feel and be your best!  


But how did I get here?! It all started as an Instagram account of me sharing food pictures. After many messages saying “I want that!”, “can I have some!?”, I decided to do just that, make healthy living and eating more accessible to people in their busy day to day lives.

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about kayla kervin holistic living

In my early twenties after my (not so healthy) university days, I began working in the finance industry. About 3 years in, I decided to follow my true passion and enroll in nutrition school part time. Not only that, but I decided to fast track which meant that I worked 9-5, was at school 2-3 nights a week until 9pm, squeezing in homework and assignments and trying to maintain a social life. It was a lot! But what I found kept me energized and fueled was my diligent Sunday and Wednesday meal prep. No matter how busy my life got, I always brought healthy food and snacks on the go, and it was my saving grace!


With all that being said, I want that for you too! I want my food to make your life so simple and healthy that you can be energized to handle whatever life throws your way. Once you get a taste of how good food can make you feel, there is no going back!

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