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10 Things I Have Done to Reduce Burnout

We are living in a strange world right now! Most of us are being faced with some form of challenge or hurdle. For me, it is burnout. I got to the point where I was going stir crazy not seeing loved ones, taking on too much, and my brain felt in overdrive all day every day, which made falling asleep a challenge! The lack of sleep did not help with the burnout, it was a vicious cycle! Below are some things I have done (maybe they will work for you, maybe not) to feel better:

  1. Try my BEST (i.e sometimes this does not happen) to not use my phone right after I wake up or right before bed! I have noticed the past few months that I have had a harder time sleeping at bedtime because my brain is wired! The amount of time I have spent on technology had increased significantly and I was feeling it. I would be lying in bed physically exhausted and my mind would be moving a mile a minute. Not using my phone has allowed me to shut off and also remove some forms of blue light. It has also allowed me to be more present instead of mindlessly scrolling

  2. Wearing blue light glasses 2 hours before bed if I was watching TV or on phone. If I need to be on on my computer, I will wear them during the day too. I really found this helped make my mind easier to quiet at night and my eyes and head hurt a lot less!

  3. Aim for less than 4 hours of screen time a day. I find this so challenging! Usually it's 5-7 hours and I feel mentally drained from it! So I have been really working on trying to cut back. I have an Instagram reminder that tells me if I have been on it for an hour! If you swipe on your iPhone, it gives you your daily total as well. Some days it makes me feel ashamed lol!

  4. Having a chamomile tea before bed. This really helps calm me down. My mom used to drink chamomile before bed too so it also makes me feel close to her. I like the ritual, just like coffee in the morning. It serves a purpose! It is calming and signals for me to wind down

  5. Skipping the coffee (some days). Some days, I know coffee will hinder me and not help me. It will make me feel anxious and not grounded, so on those days, I opt for tea. I am a big tea person too, so this works out for me. I just don't get the big energy kick from tea like I do with coffee, but thats ok!

  6. Avoid multitasking, especially when Jack is awake. This really helps me avoid overwhelm and to be more present with him too. I was finding it was not fair to him if I was trying to scratch things off my to do list when he was awake. When he naps or goes down for the night, I find I am more focused and productive because of it

  7. Ask for help! Trying to not to do it all and reminding myself that people want to help out, especially when it comes to Jack! I often feel guilty when I ask for people to watch Jack but have to remind myself that they enjoy it and want the time with him too

  8. Vent! Talking it out with a family member or friend if something is not feeling great! This has helped me get things off my chest and not bottle it up

  9. Get outside and sweat! Some days when I find that I am feeling more wound up, I realize it is because I haven't left the house. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this the past 5 months! Whether it's a walk, sitting on the porch, going to the store, a change of scenery has been uplifting and healing. Getting a dose of vitamin D and fresh air does wonders for the mind and body!

  10. Eating more whole foods. Between COVID and summer, it's easier to get off track with eating. When I say off track, I do not mean to shame myself or anyone, I mean when you lose focus on consuming more nutrient rich foods than those that don't make you feel the greatest. I love eating all types of food but when I want to feel my best, I focus on putting nutrient rich foods first and making them a priority. Within 3-4 days, I always feel so much happier, focused and healthier. That is why I created my "cleanses" in the first place, because I love a fresh start. When people see the word "cleanse" they think it's about depriving your body of nutrients to lose weight but my cleanses are designed to give people the tools to feed their body and mind so they feel better! Customers often tell me, they are sleeping better, have more energy, going to the bathroom more and feel more vibrant. THAT is why I designed these cleanses, and THAT is what I am doing to feel better right now. Focusing on a diversity of whole foods that are jam packed with nutrients to feel AMAZING.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

Enjoy your day!

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