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Travel Essentials

There is nothing I hate more than not feeling my best so I make sure to cover all my bases when travelling (especially longer flights)!

Tonight I am off to Italy to attend two weddings within two weeks. Yes, two weddings! So exciting + crazy how it all worked out! The celebrations for the first wedding I am attending start the day after I arrive, so I want to make sure that I am on my A game.

Here are my travel essentials to ensure that I feel as good as possible when I land:


  • Reading material. I am obsessed with personal development books but usually do not find the time to read books during my regular day to day life (I listen to audio books on a daily basis though), so I take advantage of my down time on planes and bring a book I have been looking to read!

  • iPad + bluetooth keyboard. I rarely bring my laptop as I find it too heavy in my carry on so I bring my iPad with a bluetooth keyboard instead. It also props up the iPad which makes it perfect for viewing pre-downloaded movies or Netflix shows


  • Healthy snacks. I opt for snacks with not too much sugar and all natural ingredients so that I can avoid most airplane foods and salty snacks that will just make me end up feeling bloated and hangry. 

  • Hemp seed. I put that $&*# on everything. No seriously, I usually bring hemp seed with me everywhere and then embarrassingly add them on my meals in public. I love the taste, texture and more importantly, the health benefits!


  • Chlorella. A pick me up and also a great way to cleanse your liver so if you plan on going on a wilder type of trip, make sure to take this superfood!

  • Maca. Great for energy especially when jet lagged. 

  • B12. This is also great for energy, especially for vegetarians who may not get enough of this vitamin from food sources. I do not eat much meat so I take this to ensure I am operating at full capacity.


  • Water! Our bodies can get super dehydrated at such a high altitude so either opt for water when the attendants come around instead of sugar drinks, pop or caffeine (unless you are trying to stay awake)

  • Water enhancers. Whether electrolytes or greens, it is always a good idea to bring some water boosters to give your body as much nourishment as possible.


  • Eye mask. Blocking out all the light on the plane always helps me fall asleep or stay asleep longer, which brings me to my next point...

  • Melatonin. I have a really hard time falling + staying asleep on planes. My body is also very sensitive so I proceed with caution with supplements so that I am not left feeling groggy the next day. If I am taking a short flight (4 hours or less) I do not take anything and usually stay awake, if it is 4-7 hours I will take half of a 5mg melatonin. If it is 7+ hours I will usually take the full one. 

Other important notes:

  • Avoid: alcohol, sugar, caffeine + processed food. I am not telling you to not eat this at all, I am saying if you want to feel great when you land and start the trip feeling as best as possible, avoid those stimulants as they will feel great right away but will cause crashes, dehydration + mess with your blood sugar!

  • Wear something comfortable. If you are comfortable travelling in heels then travel in heels, if you are comfortable in lulus, wear lulus! I am definitely the latter and also tend to bring a comfortable sweater as I get cold on planes.

  • Pack extra clothes. I was taught to bring a change of clothes in case (god forbid) something happens to your checked bag.

  • For beauty: I bring make up wipes, eye drops, moisturizer, and saje rollers to help me come alive at the end of the flight!

I am no where close to perfect + don't always follow these rules, but if I want to feel my best, then I have to try my best! I put in a little more determination and effort, and it pays off!


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